Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Brittany Angell's Every Last Crumb is a Masterpiece

After seeing all the rave reviews of Brittany Angell's Every Last Crumb, I had to check it out for myself. This book definitely deserves all the fantastic press it's getting.

This book is beyond gorgeous. Brittany poured her heart and soul into the recipes and you can really tell. The design is seriously droolworthy, the instructions well laid out and easy to follow, and the recipes absolutely irresistible. I found myself marking-up nearly every other page as something to try - everything looks so good (I'll be honest here - it would have been every page, but my waist can't afford that kind of eating!)

Recipes range in complexity from the simple 5 minute mug cake (delicious!) to time consuming croissants (that look so, so, so very good - croissants were my favourite treat before I was forced to go gluten-free). We have tried a number of recipes (the naan, the mug cakes) and they have all turned out well. Next on the list of things to try (though they will have to wait until the weekend): the bagels, the cinnamon rolls and the croissants!

Heads-up: You will need a scale to cook most recipes. Not all recipes are paleo (rice flour is used) which didn't bother me since I'm gluten-free, not paleo.

Bottom line: the recipes will make you drool - don't flip through this beauty on an empty stomach!

(Disclaimer: I borrowed this from the library. Three weeks with "Every Last Crumb" is not enough - I will be purchasing a copy of my own very soon!)

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