Thursday, 10 October 2013

Dinner Inspiration Courtesy of Green Kitchen Stories

Tonight I made this rice, kale and aubergine pilaf from Green Kitchen Stories. Of course, my pictures are nowhere near as beautiful as David and Luise's. I love the Green Kitchen Stories blog and their cookbook too. The recipes are flavourful and creative and, while not entirely gluten free, easily adapted to be. Best of all, for me at least, this is creative vegetarian cooking at its finest. I have thrown many a dinner party that featured recipes from the Green Kitchen Stories blog or cookbook. Their recipes are so good that you don't have to try them first before experimenting on guests.

Eggplant (aubergine) has never been my favourite vegetable (in fact many know that it is my least favourite), but something about this recipe made me decide to give it a try anyways. It may have helped that I have never tried a recipe on Luise and David's blog that has flopped.

The recipe doesn't call for it, but I like to salt my eggplant prior to cooking. What that means is that I cut my eggplant according to the recipe directions and then toss the pieces with about 1/2 a tablespoon of salt per eggplant. I then let it sit for an hour or longer and just prior to cooking rinse thoroughly in cold water and pat the excess water out with paper towels. I find that this vastly improves the taste and texture of eggplants.

I am very glad I let Luise and David decide on dinner tonight. The flavours were a perfect mix of sweet, sour and spicy with a great mix of different textures. I did not have black rice in my cupboard so I used a wild rice mix (mostly brown really) so mine was not as pretty. It was still delicious and no one could tell that there was any eggplant at all!

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